Teka Hob


Teka Hob distributors in UAE – positively change the way you cook.

Gas or induction? It is a difficult choice for many food lovers. Regardless of your choice, if you have a TEKA hob in your kitchen, so you have full control over the heat. The Teka hobs have a unique wok burner with a high concentration of flame and stable pot support. The Teka induction hob is equipped with an induction zone where you can combine pots in different sizes. Choose the one you like, but it must be TEKA.

Timeless design, innovative technology and carefully selected materials emphasize the aesthetics of your kitchen. Being one of the leading Teka Hob distributors in UAE, we provide wide models of Teka hobs to ensure the safety of your kitchen. Teka hob is the perfect blend of style and comfort.

TEKA hob functions – Get the most out of your stove

If excellent aesthetics and effective cooking skills are what you’re looking for, well, that’s exactly what Teka has in mind when designing a built-in kitchen stove. The simple look, advertised as the best built-in stove, delivers on the promise of high-performance cooking. Just turn the knob, and you will see the best kitchen ovens perform pure magic.

Here we have gathered some of the many features that you can experience in TEKA Hob.

The most efficient burner on the market- The Fusion Wok hob is different from most hobs. Teka hobs generate a lot of heat and conduct it efficiently to the bottom of the pan, not around the sides. It also keeps the temperature rising even when you add ingredients. This temporary heat transfer helps you create the perfect heat dish in your home.

Induction hob with an automatic deep fryer- When you place the pan in the cooking zone, the sensor activates the corresponding zone control. Lift it to pause the zone and undo it to start playing it again.

No fire or gas- If the flame goes out, as in an airstream or boiling water, the gas supply to that particular burner will be cut off immediately.

Intuitive interaction with Easy Dial- The Easy Dial function allows you to control your flatbed very quickly and intuitively. This feature uses a smart circular dial with touch controls that allow you to easily adjust power and time. Slide your finger clockwise on the control to increase the power level and lower it counterclockwise to decrease the power level. You can also change the same settings of Teks hobby using the button in the centre of the circle. Press the lock button for 5 seconds to lock your selection.

Quality elements from TEKA- TEKA is a leading brand that does not compromise with quality when choosing components for its products. Only stainless steel and glass ceramics of the finest quality are used. The dial is made of sturdy metal, and the washbasin is made of high quality cast iron.

Being one of the certified kitchen hob suppliers in Dubai, we offer a wide variety of Teka hobs that are very easy to operate and have a self-ignition function. The built-in Teka hobs also come in a wide selection. Our goal is to provide the best Teka built-in hobs in the UAE.