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Adriatic Kitchens established in United Arab Emirates since 2002, located in Sharjah Industrial Area No: 6, our kitchen cabinets production is targeting all UAE emirates, GCC countries as well as exporting to all other Asia & African countries. We are focusing on high quality production specially for Villas, as well as on commercial level for Towers & Residential buildings.

In the past ten years our establishment has achieved excellent success and become a pioneer in its specialty of wooden as well aluminum kitchen cabinets and built-in wardrobes as well as walk in dressing room, due for our continues following up the international trends in kitchen techniques such like materials, accessories and design, and by maintaining certain quality that has permitted us to extend our warranty for ten years on all our products. Being one of the leading kitchen suppliers in UAE we could provide our clients with customized and long lasting quality kitchen cabinets.

Adriatic Kitchens is one of the largest kitchen accessories and Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers in the UAE. We have been in this industry for quite some time and have gained immense knowledge and expertise to provide you with the finest products in the market. We join buyers, engineers, and MRO experts to over 500,000 UAE producers daily. We have a committed crew of professionals who make certain you usually have vetted and updated agency statistics to get your activity performed faster. Your kitchen is one of the biggest and most critical rooms in your home. We know that it’s the gap in which you spend a massive bite of your day, getting ready food for yourself and your circle of relatives and now and then even ingesting there. Each purposeful and aesthetic is the dream for maximum house owners or even dwelling in a kitchen cabinet in UAE spaces. It’s now no longer a lot approximately the natural appearances of kitchens. However, we know how smart layout selections can surely rework the appearance and sense of your space. This additionally consists of the motive and capability of your kitchen because layout influences everything. One of the biggest and critical components of any kitchen is the kitchen cabinets. Since humans can’t find the money for massive cellars and pantries of their homes—they’re now no longer even vital anymore—there wishes to be enough garage space. This is what modular kitchen cabinets in the UAE offer.

Elaborating on this apparent use of shelves, the reality of the problem is that shelves additionally provide handy garage spaces. They’re a smart manner of utilizing present spaces, such as beneath your counter-pinnacle and stove, of being established on partitions and now no longer commonly as a standalone feature. Cabinets from us, which are specialists in Kitchen cabinets suppliers in UAE, permit a whole lot of room without giving the sensation of being crushed or searching too crowded. Our cabinet system with more than one cabinet will let you shop extra gadgets, including seasoning, cutlery, crockery, jars, and diverse gadgets that can have drawers in them too, for that introduced raise of area. It’s all approximately the way you customize and set them up. With our Wooden Kitchen Cabinet, you can easily organize your existence and ease your cooking area with no trouble with shelves. Our wooden and aluminum cabinets are the most visibly pleasing and aesthetic pieces of cabinets that you can add to your kitchen. These cabinets are not only the finest-looking products but are made from top-quality wood and stainless steel. This provides you with longevity and sturdiness. 

Modular Kitchen Accessories like our glass door and PVC door for the kitchen are a remarkable preference for each residence maker. It serves to its quality in each kitchen. Apart from serving properly, it tremendously offers a stylish and conventional appearance in your kitchen. Each of those merchandises is designed in state-of-the-craft generating gadgets from our Blum systems below the stern supervised by our experts. Our Aluminium cabinets are made from stainless steel that determines the global standard. Today, there are plenty of favor choices for Modern Kitchen Accessories Online. The fashion and design are properly concepts approximately of add-ons, including a base mounted, Magic Corner, application corner, Paper & foil with the cutter, Hot stand, Double shelf corner, Grain Trolley, Cup Tree large, Granite Top and Corian Surfaces and modular kitchen Basket. As a modular kitchen accessories manufacturer in UAE, we are a remarkable deal, and those gadgets are without difficulty to be had from the manufacturer. Still, we offer online to our esteem clients at the same time as imparting huge alternatives to pick from. Buying Modular Kitchen Accessories online like the Dressing Room Wardrobes gives us exquisite benefits like saving money, time, and energy.

Apart from our world-class products like Teka Kitchen Appliances, including Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Oven, Water Heater, Sinkwe also provide various basic products and kitchen appliances

Our kitchen cabinets showroom in UAE  always guarantee competitive prices, with fast delivery term, as well as punctuality in production as per the designs & the specifications required by our clients.

Indeed our first ten years of success has given our clients credibility in our quality and professional manner in handling all customer’s satisfaction.

We hope always to the best, by maintaining our excellent goals.

Abdulkader Abdullah Salahie
General Manager

تأسست الأدرياتيك للمطابخ منذ مطلع عام 2002 و ذلك في دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة ، من موقعها القائم بالمنطقة الصناعية السادسة بإمارة الشارقة لتغطي كافة إمارات الدولة و التصدير لعدة دول خليجية و الكثير من دول افريقيا ، مركزةً على المطابخ ذات المستوى العالي الجودة و كذلك ذات المستوى التجاري لمشاريع الأبراج السكنية ، و قد واكبتْ المؤسسة نجاحات كثيرة خلال السنوات العشر الأولى لنشأتها متمثلةً بتنوع منتجاتها العصرية من مطابخ الالمنيوم و المطابخ الخشبية و خزائن الملابس. وقد اعتادتْ مؤسستنا بأن تكون دوماً بموقع الريادة لهذا حرصنا على أنْ نكون السباقين بإنتاج أحدث التقنيات بعالم المطابخ و الخزائن معتمدين على كوادرنا الفنية ذات الخبرة العالية بالتصميم و التصنيع ، بالإضافة لشمل أحدث الإكسسوارات و الكهربائيات مثل الأفران و أسطح الطبخ و الشفطات ذات الماركات العالمية مثل منتجات تيكا الألمانية ذات الجودة العالية و السعر الأمثل ، هذا فضلاً عما نقدمه من أسعار منافسة و دقة بالتنفيذ و سرعة بالانجاز ، ملتزمين بضمان لا يقل عن عشر سنوات على كافة منتجاتنا لنؤكد أنَّّ السنوات العشر الماضية قد أكدتْ لعملائنا جودة مطابخنا و حسن تعاملنا مع كافة المتطلبات .
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